Nate’s Corner

How to make indirect and direct suggestions in English.

Would you like ? (Socializing) –
How to respond to a „would you like“ offer in an enthusiastic way.
What is the difference between these different words for „Ziel“?

Different ways to say „thank you“ and „you’re welcome“ in English.
How to say „No“ in English politely
Give me a hand (idioms)
How to say „oder?“ in English (Grammar)
This is (Telephoning)
How are you? (Socializing)
German Horror Mistakes
Will vs Might (Human Resources)
Go ahead (Video Calling)
Could you have Tom Hanks (Telephoning)
Sir or Madam (Emailing)
Media Prepositions (Grammar)
Degree of Requesting

Avoid the Pointing Finger
That’s wrong!